Types of Funds

To accommodate the various interests and needs of donors, the Foundation offers six different types of funds. Regardless of the fund you choose, you or other donors may add to it at any time.

Types of Funds
  • Unrestricted
    • This fund allows the Board of Directors full discretion to determine how income from your fund can respond to the most immediate and pressing challenges facing the community, now and in the future.
  • Field of Interest
    • Income from this type of fund will be disbursed to a specific area of interest or concern such as education, performing arts, or other areas.
  • Donor-Advised
    • If you want to play an active role in your philanthropy, this fund enables you to make grant recommendations and provides access to the Foundation's professional staff and Grant Review Committee.
  • Designated
    • This fund allows you to choose one or more organizations to receive distributions. If you wish to support a specific charity in your community, for example, a designated fund ensures that all grants will be made to that organization in perpetuity. If the benefiting organization ceases to exist in future years, the Foundation will re-direct the income from your fund to another purpose that is as close as possible to your original intent.
  • Scholarships
    • You may endow scholarship awards to help students attend a specific school or college or pursue a particular field of study. Or your fund can benefit students from a particular school or community who require scholarships to further their educations.
  • Agency Endowments
    • If you are active in a nonprofit organization and seek long-term financial stability and the support of investment management professionals, you can establish a permanent endowment fund for that organization.
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