Create an Endowment Fund

Creating a permanent fund at the Minot Area Community Foundation is a simple and flexible means of accomplishing your charitable objectives. Your gift affords the maximum tax deduction, and allows you to make a difference today and always through a lasting legacy for our area.

We serve a variety of donors who share a common concern - supporting all that is good for the people of our area. Through the Foundation, individuals, families, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and even other foundations create permanent charitable funds that help our area meet the challenges of changing times.


  • Permanence
    Delores & Roger Odell
    • A gift given to the community through Minot Area Community Foundation is given in perpetuity. As a permanent legacy in your name, or the name of someone you wish to honor, your fund enables you to carry out your charitable interests now and in the future. Your gift will never lose its power to fulfill your charitable goals and will always keep pace with changing times.
  • Tax Advantages
    • When you create an endowment fund, you receive an income tax or estate tax deduction. Because the Foundation is a public charity, all donations earn the maximum available deduction. Funds are also exempt from excise taxes and the many other restrictions placed on private foundations.
  • Economics
    • Using the Minot Area Community Foundation is an economical way to make your contributions work for you. For most funds, the Foundation charges only a modest annual administrative fee of the fund's fair-market value.
  • Professional Management
    • All assets are professionally managed according to the investment policies established by the Board of Directors. Your fund benefits from being pooled and invested with the Foundation's other assets.
  • Charitable Impact
    • The Minot Area Community Foundation can assist you in targeting your contributions where they will do the most good in the greater Minot area. Grants from your fund may be combined with those from other funds for even greater impact.


Hot off the press!
MACF Grants Funds for Parkinson's Exercise Program Equipment

The Minot Area Community Foundation (MACF) has granted $16,654.86 from the Roger & Delores Odell Fund to the Trinity Health Foundation for Exercise Physiology equipment.   The Trinity Health Exercise Physiology Department has

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