Minot Soup Kitchens Receive 'State of the City' Donation & MACF Matched Funds

Posted: Apr 07 2023
The Minot Area Community Foundation (MACF) and the City of Minot have partnered to give back to Minot Soup Kitchens. Mayor Tom Ross and MACF representatives presented a ceremonial $3,520 check to Minot Soup Kitchens representing donated & matched funds from the 2023 State of the City Address.
“The opportunity to shine the light and raise awareness to the work these volunteers do is just a small gesture of how much the City appreciates their work” states Tom Ross, Mayor of Minot. “The Minot area soup kitchens are a shining example of serving your community, by providing nourishment for their bodies, while at the same time filling their souls by letting them know they are not alone.”
Volunteers from local soup kitchens came together to prepare the meal for the February 9th “State of the City” event with Mayor Ross, and showcased the type of meal that is served daily at different locations in Minot. All of the proceeds from the event were matched by the MACF’s Arnold I. Besserud Fund and distributed evenly to the local soup kitchens.

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