Minot Pump Track

Help Give360 Bring a Community Pump Track to Minot!

The Minot Area Community Foundation's Give360 Giving Circle and Minot Parks are collaborating to bring a pump track to the Minot Community....and they need your help! 

Give360 has received a matching grant of $100,000 towards the project from the Minot Junior Golf Association. Contributions will be matched dollar for dollar now until the first $100,000 is met.

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Donations to Give360 for the Pump Track project are tax-deductible.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Minot Parks on this unique concept. With the matching grant from Minot Junior Golf we hope to meet our fundraising goal by the end of the year to prepare for the 2024 construction season"
-- Jason Zimmerman, MACF President


During the 2021 Fall Grant Meeting, Give360 members explored different options for a new and accessible community space in Minot. The idea of a pump track emerged as the frontrunner, capturing the group’s enthusiasm. Following research on a number of locations, Give360 created a partnership with the Minot Park District to initiate the planning phase of the pump track project.

A pump track is a loop that consists of a series of rollers (bumps or small hills in the track) and berms (corners). The “pump” part is the pushing-down and pulling-up action performed by riders in accordance with the structures design as the main source of propulsion. Pump tracks are designed this way so they can be ridden completely without the need for pushing and pedaling, making it relatively simple to use and caters to a wide variety of rider skill levels and accessible to wheelchairs.

Give360 is working with Minot Parks to develop property located west of the Jack Hoeven Park Baseball fields to include two pump tracks. One track will be designed for all ages and abilities, ensuring an inclusive experience for everyone. The second track will feature a fully handicap accessible loop as well as a dedicated “safety town” section tailored for the youngest riders.This track will offer additional programming opportunities for public safety education and adaptive sports group use.

The Minot Pump Track will be owned and maintained by the Minot Park District, and accessible to all ages and abilities. The pump track will benefit not only the residents of Minot but also those from surrounding areas and visitors to come to our region in the summer months. The addition of connecting walking paths will integrate this project with existing amenities in the area, such as the Hoeven Ball Park and Wee Links Golf Course, transforming it into a destination for individuals of all ages and interests throughout the community. Furthermore, this initiative will seamlessly connect with the pre-existing citywide fitness paths, thereby ensuring enhanced accessibility for the entire Minot area.

“When our community works together with the same goal in mind, good things happen.We are thankful for the opportunity to work with our partners at the Minot Area Community Foundation and Minot Junior Golf Association to enhance the quality of life for the Minot Community.”
-- Elly DesLauriers, Executive Director of Minot Park District

The pump track will provide an inclusive space where children of all ages and abilities can engage in physical activity, learn new skills, and foster social connections.

Donate Today! 

Give360  was founded in 2011 as a community giving circle under the Minot Area Community Foundation. Its diverse membership embodies a collective commitment to addressing and surpassing the evolving needs of our community. Through annual financial contributions, members pool their resources to create a fund that is leveraged for significant community projects.

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